Retired Hosts

  • Jacob Rubin

    Jacob Rubin has hosted 1 episode.

    Jacob Rubin has been performing comedy for like seven years I think? Stand-up and sketch mostly. Some other stuff. Yeah. He's hosted a number of podcasts on themes such as Breaking Bad, comic books, music, and Super Smash Brothers. Real nerd nonsense. He briefly appeared on a TBS reality show but he doesn't remember what the show was called or when it aired or even if that was him. Currently, he works as an entertainment and activities host for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines.

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  • Ivan Hernandez

    Ivan Hernandez has hosted 0 episodes.

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  • Will Scovill

    Will Scovill has hosted 1 episode.

    Will is Komedio's Technical Producer and stays busy recording and editing every episode of Nerd Rage! The Great Debates. He has been seen lurking around the Bay Area comedy scene since 2011 where he co-created Answer Me! The Comedy Gameshow as well as a engineering and producing number of other podcasts including Give Me Fiction, Thaddeus Ellenburg's Casual Friday, and Tales From The Swan Hotel.
    As an engineer Will has recorded live episodes of Star Talk with Bill Nye, West Wing Weekly, Risk!, and You're The Expert.
    In addition to Nerd Rage! Will also produces Sup Doc Podcast and Nerd Rage! The Great Debages.

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  • Wonder Dave

    Wonder Dave has hosted 0 episodes.

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  • Ron Chapman

    Ron Chapman has hosted 0 episodes.

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